The Amazing Benefits of Sleeping Cool

We all know how hard it is to sleep on a hot night. When it’s too hot, you spend a lot of time tossing and turning so you end up walking up tired and stressed. What many people don’t know is that a cool sleeping temperature is ideal. According to the experts, sleeping cool can help you drift to sleep faster so you sleep longer and wake up refreshed. Relying on airconditioners to keep cool can be costly especially during the summer time. Luckily, websites like can help us achieve a cool sleeping temperature without breaking the bank.

Sleeping cool has a lot of benefits. First of all, it is a great way to head off insomnia. According to scientists, insomnia is set off by rising body temperatures which can occur while you’re trying to sleep. Heat can wake you up but if the surrounding temperature is cooler, you drift back to sleep faster. Sleeping cool also helps boost metabolism because it helps to burn more calories. The metabolic-boosting effects of sleeping cool also helps to prevent cancer by raising melatonin levels. Lastly, it reduces stress levels so you wake up in a better mood.

Relying on airconditioners can be an expensive way to stay cool during the night. However, SlumberCloud’s beddings will automatically find the right temperature for you. The beddings are engineered to respond to your temperature so you can sleep more comfortably. Unlike traditional beddings that trap moisture, SlumberCloud’s products use Outlast Technology that automatically manages the temperature under the covers so that you stay cool all night long. When your temperature goes up, the microscopic beads in the beddings absorb, store or release heat depending on your sleeping requirements. When your temperature drops, the beads release trapped heat so that you feel cooler.

SlumberCloud’s products like their mattress toppers and beddings are proactive so that you don’t feel too cold or too hot while you sleep. This means fewer sleep disturbances throughout the night because there’s no need to turn on or turn off the a/c unit if you get too hot or cold. This works even if you’re thermally incompatible with your partner because the mattress and beddings adjust temperature in response to your personal body temperature.

There’s no need to worry about taking your bed clothes to the dry cleaners or to a professional Laundromat because SlumberCloud beddings are machine washable. You can rest assured that the Outlast Technology of your beddings won’t wear off as it is guaranteed for the lifetime of the product. Choose SlumberCloud beddings and mattress toppers with the highest rating for better heat storage and performance. If you don’t believe us, try their products risk-free for 30 days so that you can feel the difference.


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