Best Reasons To Buy Your Cat A Cat Cave

“If it fits I sit”.

This is a very common sight for cat owners. Every time there is an enclosed space like cardboard boxes, cats waste no time to make it their own. Even if it seems like they won’t be able to fit inside a space, their seemingly liquid body will find a way. But have you ever wonder why cats love spending time in cardboard boxes or enclosed spaces?

According to research, this is because cats get comfort and security from enclosed spaces. Cats are jumpy by nature and they don’t like being sneaked up on. Enclosed spaces like a cardboard box will make it hard from predators to attack from the sides and behind, giving them the security they need to feel safe; which is why you should buy your cat a luxury cat bed from Cat Cave Co.

The cat beds are different from your typical pet beds found in the market. For one, the cat beds at Cat Cave Co are handmade from felted wool so that your cat does not only feel safe but comfortable too. Secondly, the enclosed circular design of the cave will give your pets the security they need for a restful nap. And most of all, the beds have a luxurious feel so pets feel loved and pampered.

The cat caves come in different designs and colors. They are big enough to give your cats enough space to rest comfortably but not large enough so they feel insecure. You can choose from the conventional cat cave design or opt for something cuter like the cat-shaped cat cave or the 3D Totoro Cat Cave.

But it’s not just cats that Cat Cave Co care for. All products are handmade by artisans from Nepal so that patronizing them will also help families in the country thrive and grow economically. All their cat caves are made from 100% natural organic materials so your cat is not exposed to toxins or harmful chemicals.

Cats don’t have built-in conflict resolution strategies and deal with their problems by hiding. Providing them with a den-like home will relieve them from stress and allow them to leave their guard down enough to sleep or relax.

The next time you see your cat curled up on a cat cave from Cat Cave Co, know that they are feeling safe and happy!

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