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Luxury Skincare for Less

Self-care is very important. Taking time to pamper yourself, relax and indulge in hobbies that you enjoy can do wonders for your physical and mental health. The same is true for skin care. Taking care of your skin will not only enhance your physical ...Read More

The Wonders of Hair Extensions

Some of us are just cured with hair that won’t grow past our shoulders no matter how many bottles of hair serum we apply. To top it off, we are always bombarded with images of women with gorgeously long hair on social media. One ...Read More

Chemical Concerns In Makeup

When it comes to cosmetics there are many choices in the market. This billion dollar industry is unregulated in some aspects so some companies are taking short-cut in manufacturing makeup and other skin care products. In fact, laws covering makeup and skin care products ...Read More

4 Best Reasons To Use Organic Cosmetics

Many women would not dare to go bare faced in public, because to them going out without make-up is like walking around naked. Choosing to wear make-up can help boost self-confidence and appearance. Since make-up is essential, choosing the right kind is very important. ...Read More