How To Cut Perfect Miter Joints

If you want to hide the end grain of a board or join two pieces of wood together, you need a miter joint to do this. Miter joints are beveling the two parts to be joined usually at a 45° angle to make a corner to make a 90° angle. Common applications for miter joints are frames, pipes and molding. This type of joint is similar to the butt joint but is stronger and has better aesthetics. The reasons for this are the ends that are cut at 45° then glued together. This creates a better surface area while concealing the end grain and giving it a flush look.

Cutting perfect miter joints is easier and faster nowadays. Websites like sell gauges that can cut joints Following the gauge enables wood workers to cut perfect angles so that you can get your joints right the first time. They are very easy to use so you can cut wood with precision.

Any wood worker knows that quality tools make all the difference. Cutting miter joints on a table can be hard. There are many gauges available in the market but some of them do not give you the precision you need so you end up with gaps. You end up wasting a lot of time sanding the joint or worse wasting precious wood. With’s MiterSet Standard, you can quickly set gauges to precise angles so you can cut perfect joints every time.

Every slot on the plate represents 5° on the gauge. When you slide the gauge in the slot, place a pin at 00 and the other pin in the numbered slot that represents the angle you want cut at the right or left. Next, slide the miter gauge against the 2 pins and then lock it down. The steps are so easy; you can now cut the perfect miter joint without sanding and gaps and without wasting time or wood.

The MiterSet is a CNC milled product from solid aluminum. The holed numbers are laser-etched so you can read it for many years. It has a 25-year product lifetime warranty and guaranteed to be accurate for the life of the product.

Save wood, time and money by purchasing precision miter gauge jigs so you can cut perfect miter joints every time. Say goodbye to gaps, sanding and awkward wood angles. It’s fast, easy and simple to use.

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