Getting Inspiration From Maps

It seems nowadays that people have no use for maps anymore. When we go on road trips there are usually GPS devices and apps on smartphones to show us the way. Children today usually rely on computers when they want to see geographical references. So, do physical maps have a place in today’s world?

For some people, maps used to be exciting. It was amazing to see your place in the world with respect to landmarks, the sea, mountains and other surrounding areas. Maps were also traditionally used to drive long distance. The good news is that online stores like are reviving nostalgia and knowledge with their illustrated world map posters and canvasses.

Maps used to be boring. But Awesome-Maps’ products inspire curiosity. Looking at their maps will make you want to explore and discover the world around you. Aside from this, their maps can also be personalized for travelers. You can buy maps that you can take with you on the road or you can design pieces to hang in your home.

The good news is that maps at their website are not just for travellers. You can also make maps based on your favorite activity. For example, their football map is full of football wisdom. You can see everything from hardcore football facts, national teams, top scorers and outrageous stories. You can easily glance at these awesome facts thanks to a brilliantly designed map that you can hang on your wall. It’s a great gift for a football lover.

Their hiking map is another good choice. This piece maps all the best places for hiking including short term walking trails to long-distance ones. It contains information on more than 300 trails, their landscape, length with special icons for birding and heritage sites. This product is a hand drawn map from Lars.

Other maps you can find at are surftrip maps, dive, kite surf, climbing, snow trip, mountain bike, golf, fishing and yoga. The maps can be printed on high-grade canvas with varying sizes so you can hang them up on the wall. Too big for you? They have foldable maps or perhaps you prefer maps to be printed on towels.

The team at Awesome-Maps is passionate about their products and it shows. Hundreds of hours were spent drawing the football, hiking map and other maps. They are all drawn by hand which gives them a vibrancy that can’t be achieved using a digital process.

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