4 Really Good Reasons To Change Your Mattress

mattressA good night’s sleep is important when you want to stay healthy and alter the next day. Getting a full 8 hours of sleep reboots the body, strengthens the immune system and puts you in a good mood. There are instances however that makes it hard to fall asleep. It could be because of stress, hormonal changes or simply having too much unspent energy. But another reason could be your mattress. Here are some great reasons why you should think about changing more than just your sheets.


Changing mattresses regularly is a must for allergy sufferers. In this case, dust mites are the biggest cause of allergic reactions in bed. Once their feces accumulate, it triggers an allergic reaction to the sufferer. Aside from the sneezing, coughing and itching, allergic symptoms can also include headaches, fatigue and depression.

When It Is More Than 7 Years Old

Old mattresses are not as firm as new ones. They are deteriorated and will not support you correctly after this age. Aside from the dust mites, mattresses at this age have lost their comfort and support. If you’ve noticed that they’ve started sagging and is uncomfortable to sleep on, it is time to consider a new one.

Uncomfortable Sleep

If you wake up in pain or feeling stiff your mattress could be behind this reason. Over the years the springs inside will deteriorate and the foam degenerate. All of these can contribute to an uncomfortable night. This is especially true if you need lots of support due to body or lower body pain.

Speaking of comfort if you’re tossing and turning more and disturbing your bed partner, it’s probably because you’re not as comfy as you should be. If you don’t have any health issues that could be the result of this restlessness, try sleeping in a hotel room or guest room. If you’re sleep is better there than the mattress could be the culprit.


There are more choices now when it comes to mattresses. They also have the latest technology with comfort in your mind. Think about memory foam, extra support and more padding. All of these advances will help you sleep better at night.
Mattresses will feel terrific for a few years after you’ve bought them. However body changes and deterioration in mattress support can change that. Being comfortable in your bed can impact your sleep patterns in a positive way. Make sure that new your mattress is made of quality materials to make sure you are well rested every night.
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