Protecting Art With Epoxy Resin

oil on canvasWorks of art need to be protected so that they will last a very long time. Photographs, paintings and woodwork are just some great examples that can benefit from an application of clear epoxy resin.  The best kind of resin to choose should be clear, non-toxic and easy to use. When applied correctly epoxy resin is a thick clear glossy topcoat that is visible on the surface of artworks, photographs, wood and other art projects. It protects the surface by preserving its colors while giving the project a modern look.

Art resin is easy to use. You simply follow instructions on how to mount your artwork on a wooden panel and you’re ready to use the resin. For best results, help out the resin mixture by spreading it with a spreader. Art resin self-levels but for a more even look spreading it out will coat it better. Once it is leveled, use a flambé torch to help eliminate any bubbles. Cure for 72 hours and it’s ready for hanging.

Picking up an epoxy resin at the store sounds easy enough. The problem is that some epoxy resin brands react negatively to sunlight and home lighting. Over time, many users have found that their works of art have turned yellow. This is because UV light degrades the epoxy polymer resin. Even if your resin started out as clear this eventual yellowing is unavoidable and is because of the chemical composition of the resin.

The good news is that there are epoxy resin brands that can prevent discoloration and damage to your precious artwork. The best kinds of epoxy resin to use are those that contain a UV stabilizer or UV inhibitor. Look for brands that contain Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer (HALS) or something similar. It works by interrupting the yellowing process during application so the cycle does not begin in the first place. HALS is a tried and tested chemical and is very effective against yellowing over the years. There is up to 50 years of evidence that supports the claim of HALS.


Works of art, photographs, crafts and woodwork are great pieces to hand down from generation to generation. One of the best ways to preserve these is by applying a coat or two of epoxy resin. This way not only is the art work preserved but memories too. These mementos of the past are not only a remembrance of a time gone but can be a reminder for the future.


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