Best Android Apps

technologyPeople who love their Android phones know that android apps can make their lives easier. The great thing about android apps is that almost anybody can contribute and many of their apps are free. Here is a look of some of the best apps Android has so far.

•    Awesome Drop

If you like to transfer files from your phone to computer but don’t have a USB cable, this app is very useful. Just install the app on your phone and then just drop and drag files you want to copy from your computer to the drop box. The app will automatically synch your phone and pc.

•    Weather Channel

The weather channel is not just a nifty app for people who enjoy the outdoors. It is also quite useful for people who want to know everyday weather. You can get current weather condition, temperature, chill factor, UV index and more. The app’s ten-day forecast also comes in handy.

•    Remote Web Desktop

This cool app allows you to use your computer to type on your phone. You can set your wallpaper, send text, transfer files from your computer and phone through USB or WiFi connection. This app comes in handy for people who do not want to use tiny buttons when using their phones.

•    Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo Sports Tracker is the app for people who like jogging or biking. You can track your running or cycling time using GPS. The cool part of this app is that it is linked to the Endomondo website where you can compare your time with others. This app is great for people who are working out and like to keep track of their progress.

•    Moon Apps

Moon apps is very similar to Google Earth. It allows you to fly, pan and zoom across the lunar landscape. You can take a tour of the Apollo landing sites, lunar craters and even visit the dark side of the moon.


ASTRID is short for Android Simple Task Recording Dashboard. This app makes it easier to track to-do-lists and other things that need organizing. This app makes it easy to look for tasks, tick them off and create new ones and keep track of tasks that you still need to do.

•    Seek Droid

If you’re paranoid about losing your phone, this app is for you. This app allows you to locate your phone, lock it, or wipe its memory clean. You can do all of this from the safety of your web browser. It won’t keep your phone from getting completely lost but at least you don’t have to worry about security.

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