Blast From The Past

Many 90’s gamers remember their childhood games fondly. The old days of playing on the Nintendo Family Computer or Sega Genesis are still remembered by older gamers today. In fact, there are many speed gamers who dedicate their time mastering old games so that they can compete with each other. Most of these are broadcasted on YouTube in aid of various charities.

However, we all know that constant use of gaming console can take a toll on them. Many gaming consoles are no longer sold in the market so maintaining them let alone finding old 16-bit cartridges are getting harder. This is why finding quality spare parts are important. Some of these consoles are irreplaceable and spare parts as can help extend their life.

Unfortunately, quality spare parts can be hard to come by. There are some gamers who DIY parts repair but that doesn’t usually end well and they end up destroying their consoles. This is where companies like Flash Back LTD come in. They can repair old and new consoles and provide spare parts so that you can relive your childhood games again.

For many consoles, one of the most vulnerable parts is the AV Cable. This wire connects your console to your TV so that you can play and hear your game. Some users plug and unplug their AV cable frequently so that they can use other devices to connect to their TV. Over the years this action puts a strain on the RCA jack. Some users also coil and uncoil the wires repeatedly causing the inner wires to get frayed and break.

It can be hard to find an AV cable specific to your console. There are also many “universal” cables but you still run the risk of incompatibility with your console. sells AV cables specifically for your console so that you know it will work once you plug it in.

The same is true for your controllers. They are some of the most abused parts of the console. Controllers need to be hardy so that they can withstand years of hard gaming. The problem with old controllers is that they are hard to come by with some models being discontinued by their manufacturers. The best solution is to repair your faulty controller and can do this for you.

Thanks to companies like Flash Back LTD you can continue enjoying not only new games on new consoles but old games on new consoles. Play with your friends and reminisce or play with your kids and show them the beauty of classic games.

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