iPhone 5c Review

technologyApple has recently unveiled the new “low cost” iPhone 5c to the market. Many iPhone fans have lined up the street to buy the latest gadget from Apple which also unveiled the iPhone 5s. The good news is that the new iPhone 5c is affordable with its $100 price tag. The bad news is that it comes with a 2 year service contract. While this is good marketing strategy for the company with the cheaper price tag helping to expand its customer base, this can be a turn off to customers on a prepaid plan.

According to Apple, the C stands for colorful. The new iPhone comes in 5 new colors: bright pink, yellow, green, blue and white. Indeed, the new colors usher in a new iPhone era as Apple usually stuck with either black or white for their iPhone line.

The iPhone 5c is plastic. The good news is that it does not feel “plasticky” at all. In fact, the plastic casing does not make the phone look cheap. To give more variety and personalization to the phone, Apple has made soft touch silicone iPhone 5c cases and comes in many colors like red, green, black, yellow and blue. The case is lined with microfiber to protect your phone. So say goodbye to the death grip iPhone lovers.

The new iPhone comes with the new verision of their operating system the iOS7. The phone also sports a 8mp rear facing camera and a 1.3 front facing camera. You can either opt for the 16 gb or 32 gb variant. Both the iPhone 5c and 5s come with a 1gb RAM.

Personally this phone is just a slightly improved carbon copy of the iPhone 5. It’s just more colorful and comes in plastic instead of metal. The display is also identical to the iPhone 5. As for CPU performance, it is quite good with the iOS7. The only downside is that with a 5C you lose the 64 bit support you have with the more expensive 5s and this can slow down the CPU a bit. Cellular and wifi performance is also the same with its other variants.

The iPhone 5c is well built but not a replacement for the iPhone 5. It is a solid phone overall and the new colors give it some personality. Basically, it has good performance in terms of battery life, camera and cpu.

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