Touch Screen Technology: Making Life Easier

touch-screenTouch screen technology has come a long way. We see movies in the past that feature people tapping on their screens and tables instead of a keyboard. And today tablets and pc’s with touch screen are making life easier for everybody. Tablets for example are mobile pieces of technology that is very convenient to bring anywhere. It is lighter than and smaller than a laptop thanks to the fact that it does not have a keyboard. The great thing about this kind of technology is that it is no longer exclusive to government agencies of the ultra rich. Competition had made this piece of technology accessible to people who belong in different price range.

When we go to the grocery perhaps the best example of the touch screen technology is the POS or point-of-sale system. This is what used to be the cash register. There are systems that use a stylus but most of the time, we see cashiers utilizing the touch screen to transact business. This has made it easier for management to inventory its goods, receive money and keep track of sales. Consumers also find it more convenient as credit card purchases are easier thanks to the POS. Transactions are made easier thanks to the simple “select button” technology.

ATM machines were probably the first modern pieces of technology that used the touch screen. ATMs are used globally and have made it easier for many people to access their bank accounts no matter where in the world they are.

Video gaming systems is probably the industry that is fastest growing and most competitive. We see many kids playing on touch screen consoles and gaming systems. They use this not only to play games but to access social media and to play music as well.

Smartphones like the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy are perhaps the most popular in the world. Their touch screen platform has made it easier for users to call, text, play games and interact with other users. With one finger they are able to access notes, phone book, compose and email or take a picture.

These are just some examples of the touch screen technology and how it has helped in everyday life. Many years from now, this technology will be obsolete but a new one will replace it. No doubt it will be better and more useful than past technology.

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