Technology That Will Change The World

technologyCan you imagine what somebody born during the start of the 20th century would think if he saw our technology today? He would probably be so impressed and think how strange life had become just in the span of a 100 years. The internet, computer, cell phone, TV, selfies and fast food would probably be amazing yet alien at the same time. Even in just 100 years, technology changed the way we live. Advancements in technology have accelerated and is changing life as we go on today. Here are some unbelievable technologies that could change life for the future of mankind.

Nano Technology

Nano technology is amazing because it deals with building and synthesizing materials less at the size of 100nm or less. This technology is important because it has many uses especially in health care and electronics. Imagine smaller but more powerful cell phones, nano drones with cameras that can go inside the body and take a look inside or extra small tracking devices for combat. The possibilities for nano technology are broad and frightening.

Alternative Energy and Fuel

At the rate humans are burning fossil fuel, the earth won’t last for very long. The good news is that scientists have pinpointed out great sources for alternative energy and fuel that is renewable and earth-friendly. Solar energy for example has advanced a great deal over the last 10 years. Costs to manufacture solar cells have also gone down and many people are installing them at home to drive down energy costs and carbon footprint. There is a new technology called nanosolar. These solar cells are 100 times thinner than the usual cells, are cheaper to produce and can convert solar energy more efficiently.

Battery technology is also revolutionizing the energy sector.  Millennium Cell’s hydrogen battery is instantly rechargeable and can convert energy more efficiently compared to traditional batteries. It is also much smaller and lighter.


Bionetics is the term used for the incorporation technology to the human body. We see news of amputees being fitted with robotic limbs that take advantage of the remaining nerves in the stump. This technology enables amputees to control their limbs more effectively and efficiently compared to conventional prosthetic limbs.

Some people are allowing the insertion of RFIDs in their bodies. These chips carry information about their health that doctors can access in case of emergencies. This technology is revolutionary and can help save lives. Imagine being carted into the ER unconscious but because there is a chip in your body, doctors will immediately know your medical history.

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