Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

ic chipMobile phones, the internet and computers have made life on this planet very convenient and have had a great impact on our lifestyle today. Some people still reminisce of old technology like beepers, snail mail and telegrams. The children of the 21st century have no idea what these things used to do. This is because the internet and computers have started a new era of technology in our planet today. However this does not mean that technology does not have disadvantages.

Everything on the planet has advantages and disadvantages. The same is true for technology. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of technology.


Cell phones, computers and the internet have turned our world into a “global village”. We can talk to anybody living on the other side of the globe easily. The internet and cell phone industry have also contributed to the speeding up of businesses all over the world. It has become easier to monitor stocks, performance, talk to clients and suppliers all with the help of these technological advancements. It is now also easier to talk to loved ones anywhere in the planet with just a few clicks of the mouse or just a push of a button. It has improved human interaction greatly. Thanks to improvement in the communication industry has also provided jobs for thousands of people worldwide.


The biggest disadvantage to technology is that it has affected natural human interaction. Some people are continuously tapping at their cell phones, tablet or laptop even while sitting with friends and family. There have also been lots of stories of people getting hurt due to texting or calling while driving. Mobile phones and other forms of technology have also become widely available to criminals making it easier for them to plot or commit crimes. Child pornography, human trafficking and invasion of privacy have also become more rampant thanks to technological advancements. Eye strain, back pain and wrist pain have also become more common.

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