Good Reasons To Patronize Companies That Give To Charity

dog2Fashion has a big impact on daily lives. We see lots of people post in social media websites their chosen outfit of the day or OOTD and feel happy when they get lots of likes and followers. But looking good is not just about social media presence. Looking good and wearing fashionable clothing makes you feel confident. Most of the time we don’t give a second thought about where we purchase our clothes. We just buy what’s in vogue or in fashion magazines. But did you know what patronizing fashion companies that give to charities has a big impact on the community? Read to find out how you can help through buying.

Needy Causes

Buying from companies that give a portion of their profits to charitable institutions can help needy causes. When you buy a t-shirt from Arm the Animals for example, you’re not just getting good quality t-shirts that show your love for pets, you are actually arming the animal shelters so that they can rescue more pets and put them up for adoption.

In the United States, approximately 7.6 million abandoned companion animals enter shelters each year. Most of these animal shelters are non-profit and rely heavily on private funding. Without your purchases, some of these shelters could close and more animals end up in the street.

Help Solve Problems

Worthy causes such as the Spay Neuter Project of Los Angeles (SNP LA); is one of the beneficiaries of Arm the Animals. Since 2007, SNP LA has spayed and neutered 150,000 cats and dogs in the greater Los Angeles area. Aside from this, they have provided vaccination and treatment to various animals. Without support from charity giving companies and individuals, organizations like SNP LA would have a hard time solving problems of unwanted animals.

Be Happier

A paper published by Harvard Business School suggests that spending money on ourselves does not significantly increase our sense of happiness. According to the researchers, giving to others increases our sense of happiness. Research shows that “happier people give more and giving makes people happier”.  There are also other studies that show that people experience happiness and pleasure when they see money go to charity.

Small Donation, Big Impact

Even the smallest donation can have a big impact. Not too many people think about spending $30 on a t-shirt. However, if a portion of that money goes to charity, it will have a big impact especially if you purchase large quantities or shop frequently. Think how many charitable institutions can benefit if lots of people patronize companies like Arm the Animals?

Who knew that fashion had a big impact on the animals of Los Angeles? Buying from companies like Arm the Animals helps to ensure that pets are neutered or spayed and are given treatment that they need. Consciously choosing to support said companies can help solve problems like poverty, homeless pets, abused children and other noteworthy causes.

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