Polarized Wooden Sunglasses For A Cause

Sunglasses have become a fashion statement. These accessories are not only an effective means of blocking harmful UV rays of the sun, they are also used to complete an outfit.

In the old days, sunglasses were almost exclusively used by pilots who needed to see properly even though it was so bright outside. Later on, beach goers and even law enforcement adopted the use of the sunglass not only to protect their eyes but also to be more stylish or to hide their expression.

The problem with sunglasses is that they are made entirely from plastic. Almost every component from the frame to the lens is made from plastic that is clogging our sewers and polluting our oceans. Slykshades is different. Their glasses are unique because they are made from wood or from other natural materials like abalone seashell.

In today’s world of climate change, having alternatives and earth friendly choices are important. Changing the way we buy things like sunglasses can have a positive impact on our ecosystem. Take the Jetsetter Abalone sunglasses from Slykshades for instance. The frame is made from premium grade ebony wood and abalone. The lenses are polarized with UV4000 for maximum eye protection and it comes in an engraved bamboo case and an inspirational quote.

The Seashell collection is handcrafted wood and layered with genuine abalone seashells. The seashells give the stem an iridescent look and reflect amazing colors with each sunglass being unique from each other since they are made from seashells and wood.

Jetsetter Abalone is a good choice if you want something flashy and stylish. For people who are looking for a more classic design, the aptly named Classic comes in different colored lenses. It is a combination of black matte polycarbonate frames with black walnut temples, set in the timeless wayfarer style. This pair is affordable and feels very light on the face.

Avid anglers should also check out the floating sunglass collection. Slykshades uses layered maple skateboard wood with polarized lenses to cut down the glare. And yes they float! It’s the perfect choice for boating and sailing.

Slykshades is also partnered with Lensabl so that customers can use prescription lenses on their frames. You just need to buy frames from Slykshades and then go to the Lensabl website so that they will send you a box where you can put in the Slykshades frames and Lensabl will put in your lens of choice and ship them back to you. It’s very easy.

This is a good combination of luxury and social responsibility. Aside from being earth friendly, Slykshades donates a portion of their sales to greater causes like One Tree Planted and Calmer Choice, a mental health non-profit group. Enjoy high quality unique wooden sunglasses while empowering noble causes.

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