Choosing Hoodies and T-Shirts – A Style Guide

Hoodies and printed t-shirts are favorites among teenagers and young men and women. It’s not surprising because they are comfortable and versatile. These garments are popular among the younger generation because they are easy to maintain and you can wear them almost anywhere. Aside from being stylish and popular, hoodies can keep you warm when it’s cold or nippy. If you’re already wearing a shirt, a hoodie can add extra layer to protect from the rain or cold. Hoodies and printed apparel are very popular which is why designers are also coming up with ways to make their apparel unique and eye-catching.

Choosing Colors

For most people, choosing a color of a shirt boils down to your favorite colors. If you open a person’s wardrobe it is easy to find out what their favorite color is because many of their clothing will be in this color.  But aside from favorite colors, you can also choose from different prints. Prints of galaxies, the constellation, animals, tribal or abstract designs are very popular. If you check out clothing websites like, you will be able to find t-shirts, hoodies and tanks with different prints and designs to give you a unique look that will make you more noticeable.

You can wear your hoodie or t-shirt with a fitted jogger pants, a pair of skinny jeans and sneakers and you’re ready to hang out at the mall, do some errands or pick up a cup of coffee with your friends.


Can you believe that there is a t-shirt and hoodie for every occasion? For Christmas it is normal to goof around and wear corny Christmas sweaters. It is even a tradition in some families. For this Holiday season, check out Christmas sweaters from IntoTheAM. They have a design that inflects humor and fun into their holiday apparel.

For casual wear, you can go with a plain t-shirt or hoodie. But if you want some style and want to standout, you should pick out prints and designs that are bold and colorful. Shops like IntoTheAM cater to people who want to be looked at and seen by other people. They have bold prints and abstract designs that is sure to get you noticed.

For a more put together look, check out other apparel like tank tops, shorts, leggings and jogger pants. When combined, you’re look is causal and relaxed making them perfect for wearing to parties, hanging out with friends or when lounging at home. Printed shirts and hoodies from IntoTheAm are perfect for people who want something different other than plain colored clothing.


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