Best Reasons To Use Wind Deflectors

Driving convertibles is most often associated with a fun and carefree lifestyle. We see people driving convertibles on TV and they seem happy enjoying the wind while driving through great views. However, what we don’t know is that most of them aren’t really having a great time.

What is a Wind Defector?

People who have ridden in convertibles look happy but in fact, the noise and hair in the face can make conversation hard. Installing a wind deflector can make the inside of the car quieter and it can also help you manage your hair better.

Wind deflectors are devices that deflect wind, sound and rain away from your windows to ensure that the inside of your car is a more comfortable environment. Wind deflectors like those sold by are made from patented technology so that they look like car accessories when installed.

How Does It Work?

Deflectors like those from work by altering the aerodynamics of a car so that wind streams that buffet the driver and passengers are reduced. Basically the deflectors draw out air so that it isn’t so noisy or windy inside the car.

Wind deflectors can reduce wind and noise by up to 75%. This means that you can drive our car earlier during the spring and later in the fall. Installing a wind deflector can make driving more comfortable so that you can extend your convertible season.

WindRestrictor has various designs for many different kinds of convertibles. You can find designs that suit you best. There are also models for foreign cars like BMWs, Mercedes Benz, Porsches and even deflectors for non-convertible cars for better aerodynamics.

What Are Other Benefits?

Aside from reduced noise and turbulence installing a deflector from can also help to reduce drag, reduce glare and help you to personalize your car.

At WindRestrictor, deflectors can be personalized so that your car has a one-of-a-kind look to help it stand out from typical convertibles. They have become popular accessories for convertibles because they make passengers more comfortable.

There are no modifications needed to install a wind deflector in your convertible. It can also be installed and removed from your car in minutes or left in your car top up or down. Be blown away by the difference in comfort and noise levels by installing a wind deflector from : Reduce Wind Noise & Backdraft. Get Awesome Wind Deflectors Now!


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