Will Smartphones And Tablets Make The PC Obsolete?

TabletMore and more people are accessing the internet through their smartphones and tablets. According to studies 3G connectivity is rising at 37% each year. This means that people are usually turning to their phones and tablets when they want to surf the web for information or to do some shopping. So does this mean that these mobile devices render the PC obsolete?

Probably not. Here are some reasons why.

Smartphones aren’t replacemtents for laptops or PC

According to research most smartphone users do not own a laptop before. Most of them use a desktop computer to answer emails, do research or work in the office or at home. Shopping or entertainment was also tied to the desktop. They had no need for internet access on the go or could not justify the expense of buying a laptop. Their smartphone or the tablet has freed them from their desktop computers.

Using smartphones and tablets is not replacing the PC for them but it is the first step to computing outside their home or office. They are just using their mobile devices to access the web when they are on the go.

Smartphones And Tablets Are Limited

Smartphones and tablets are small and so are less powerful than laptops and PCs. This means that programs and apps that you can run on these devices are limited. Even though technology is making strides in making their processors faster they simply are not capable of matching the true power of a PC.

This is particularly true for businessmen who use their laptops and PC for work. There are more programs written for traditional computers and operating systems. For times when businessmen are on the go, smartphones are fine for opening mail or looking at spreadsheets but when the real work is being done, laptops and PCs are better and faster.

Smaller isn’t always better

Small devices aren’t always better. Smaller virtual keyboards and screens can make typing and viewing cumbersome.  Many of us have become accustomed to full sized screens and keyboards so typing and viewing on smartphones is usually smaller and more tiresome. Also mobile versions of websites also have less information compared to websites intended for PC or laptop viewing.
Taken all together traditional computing devices are here to stay. While mobile devices can cut a share in the market it does not mean that people will abandon their laptops and PC for good.

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