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Longitude and latitude coordinates are used to designate specific places in the world. The White House in the United States for example, is the home of the current president of the country and is seen as the seat of power. The coordinates of this landmark is 38.8977° N, 77.0365° W. this is not only unique, it also makes it easy to find on the globe.

But latitude and longitude coordinates are not just for finding places more easily. It is also not just for navigation. Latitude and longitude coordinates can also tell a story. Take Angelina Jolie for example, she has tattoos of coordinates on her body. The significance of these coordinates for her are the birthplaces of her children. She decided to commemorate these locations on her skin to honor her children and show them her love and commitment to them.

For those of us who would like something similar but dislike tattoos, there’s always LatandLo. They offer a more gentle way to commemorate places with significant meaning in our lives. The company produces different kind of jewelry that can be engraved with the latitude and longitude coordinates of special places in your lives. For example, you can have a necklace inscribed with the coordinates of the place where you proposed to your girlfriend or the coordinates of your first home.

There are many different types of jewelry you can personalize at You can choose from necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, dog tags and rings. Choose from different designs and have your coordinates engraved so that you can wear it with pride. It is a great conversation piece with many people asking about the numbers stamped on your bracelet or necklace.

The personalized jewelry from LatandLo is also an excellent idea for birthday and anniversary gifts. It can also be gifted for graduation and other important days in the life of somebody special to you. Ordering for gifts or for yourself is easy. Just visit the website and choose the type of jewelry you want. Choose from the options like type of metal you want used and then fill up the requested location and the back engraving hit add to cart and you’re done.

All jewelry at LatandLo are made in the USA and custom-made for each customer. They are not mass produced because the company prides itself on quality and selling sentiment. Each piece is made from high quality materials that are individually hand cut, shaped and polished.

There are millions of coordinates but only one story. Memorialize wedding places, birthplaces, first homes and other unforgettable locations. Gift yourself and loved ones a unique piece of jewelry that commemorates an important story and location in your life.

LatandLo : Lat & Long Jewelry. Customizable Handmade Pieces!


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