How To Know If An Online Shopping Site Is Secure

shoppingBusiness is booming especially in the internet. It seems that wherever you look there are online shopping sites that sell electronics, make-up, clothing, medicine, supplements and just about anything. The best thing about shopping online is the convenience. No need to go out to buy stuff, plus you can get everything delivered at home. But since there are so many online shopping sites, how do you know which ones are legitimate sellers?

1. No Pop-ups

Legitimate sellers don’t have pop-up ads because they know that their customers strongly dislike them. Most of the time pop-ups don’t take you to a real website but to a fake website where they take your personal information.

2. Has Physical Address and Phone Number

Real businesses often display their physical address and phone numbers in case their customers want to get in touch with them. For reassurance, call the number before purchasing.

3. No Unsolicited Email

Legitimate sites do not send shoppers unsolicited email unless you specifically signed up for something. Most of these emails are spoof sites which will take your personal information.

4. Prices Aren’t Too Low

The $299 iPhone might look very attractive, but it is also very cheap. Sites that have unbelievably low selling prices are almost always too good to be true. Shoppers need to be ware because these products could be unlicensed or stolen goods.

5. Return Policy

Reputable sites will always have return policy as well as a shipping policy that is clearly posted.

6. Accepts Credit Cards

Credit cards are more secure than debit cards. A legitimate site will accept a wide range of credit cards. This is a good sign because this means that they had to apply to the various banks to be able to give their clients this kind of service.

7. Has a Padlock or Unbroken Key Icon

Before giving your credit card number make sure that the site features a padlock or unbroken key icon. This means the site is enabled and encrypted that disables crooks from stealing your personal financial information.

8. https

The final s in the typical http we see at the beginning of website addresses stand for secure and encrypted connection between the website you are visiting and your computer.

9. Privacy Statement

This is important because honest sites will always protect your information and not sell it to other parties.
10. Other Shoppers Have Good Experience

If the site has a testimonial or feedback page, take a look at what other buyers have to say. Reviews and feedback are good not only for managing expectations but also for boosting buyer confidence.

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