Best Reasons To Love Apricot Seeds

They are round, yellow and smaller than a peach. Apricots are tarty and delicious. But did you know that apricots have numerous health benefits too? For instance, apricots are high in vitamins C and E. They are also known to improve digestion.

Here are other health benefits of apricot seeds:

Low In Calories

If you want to lose weight, you might want to include apricots in your diet. 2 fresh apricots or 70 grams has just 34 calories. Not only that, it has 8% of the daily recommended vitamins A, C and E. Apricots also has 4& potassium and 1.5 grams of fiber.

The fruit is also a good source of beta carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin that fight free radicals in the body.

High In Anti-oxidants

Apricots are a good source of anti-oxidants. It contains beta carotene and vitamins A, C, and E; a group of polyphenol antioxidants called flavonoids that are known to protect against diseases like diabetes and heart disease.
These compounds neutralize the damage of free radicals and relieve oxidative stress which is linked to obesity and other diseases.

Ant-oxidants are also beneficial to the liver. The high anti-oxidant content prevents liver damage by relieving it from oxidative stress.

If you want an anti-oxidant rich supplement, Apricot Power’s Apricot Seed Capsules don’t have that bitter taste so you can enjoy its benefits every day. It’s a convenient way to access the benefits of apricots if you cannot buy fresh fruits for your consumption. You can buy online so that your order is delivered right at your doorstep.

Promotes Gut Health

One cup or 165 grams of apricots have 3.3 grams of fiber. Apricots have both soluble and insoluble fiber which are both important in maintaining healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Most importantly the fiber in the fruit delays movement of food in the digestive tract and feeds important gut bacteria so that you have a healthy gut microbiome which helps fight obesity.

High in Potassium

According to studies, potassium can help lower the chances of a stroke and can help lower blood pressure. 2 servings of apricots or 70 grams contain 4% of the recommended daily value for adults.

Eating foods rich in potassium regulates muscle contraction and balances fluid in the body preventing bloating and helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Easy To Add In Your Diet

Apricots are usually in season from May to July. The good news is that is open all year long. You can buy supplements like apricot seed capsules, bitter raw apricot seeds, apricot pits and apricot meals.

Supplementing your diet with any of these products can help you enjoy better health thanks to the healing power of the fruit. It is highly nourishing but low in calories, protects the liver and fights free radical damage. Taking apricot seed capsules is a good way to enjoy these benefits when fresh fruit is out of season.

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