Benefits of Colloidal Silver Supplements

Silver has been used since ancient times for its immunity boosting properties. It was also used to treat infections and wounds. Before the invention of antibiotics, silver foil was wrapped around wounds to prevent infection and promote healing. This is the reason why surgical tools and equipment today still contain antimicrobial silver.

Colloidal silver from Utopia Silver is a formulation of tiny particles of silver suspended in water. This supplement is used to boost the immune system and to protect against the common cold and flu symptoms.

For example sells colloidal silver in 64-ounce jugs or 8.6-ounce bottles. This formula when taken orally can boost the body’s immune system. It is best to find supplements that are pure. Utopia Silver contains approximately 15-20% ionic silver and 80-85% particle silver, making it a potent formula that can kill bacteria and defend the immune system.

Utopia Silver as a source of natural healing also has various products that can heal the body naturally. Colon Klenz-R contains a high fiber blend of herbs, probiotics, tissue healing agents and bentonite clay. It is a good choice for constipation and works within a couple of hours to cleanse toxic material build up from the digestive tract.

The Self Sanitizing Toothbrush Silver Micro Bristles is another interesting product. This toothbrush is silver infused with self-sanitizing bristles to eliminating 99% of bacterial growth. That means that your toothbrush can self-clean after every use. Best of all, it’s biodegradable so you don’t have to worry about polluting mother earth with another plastic product.

For healthier scalp and hair Advanced Colloidal Silver Aloe Skin Care Bar is fortified with colloidal silver. This all-natural soap also contains organic Aloe Vera concentrate, various essential oils and other healing oils. It is also free from chemically produced fragrances. Use this soap for better skin miniaturization and healing. is the leading source for colloidal silver supplements, minerals and vitamins. Using their products will enable you to heal naturally and improve your wellbeing. You can be sure that their products only contain 99.99% pure elemental silver, mankind’s oldest natural anti-microbial agent, so you can enjoy potent immunity boosting defense against today’s uncertain world.

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