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Being overweight can be hard on your body. Carrying a lot of weight is taxing on the joints, back and even your blood vessels. Being overweight can also lead to health problems like heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Some people think that it is better to lose weight to get healthy. This can be a mistake because focusing on weight can lead to yoyo dieting or crash diets. According to Dr. Eric Berg, a better method is to get healthy and lose weight. His program focuses on health education rather than dieting to achieve your desired weight.

Dr. Eric Berg’s program is available in The programs are ideal for people who have a hard time losing weight. According to him, people give a lot of emphasis on losing weight through diet and exercise. However, this method makes it harder for people to lose weight in stubborn areas of the body like the belly because belly fat cannot be lost through hard core exercise and diet alone. This incorrect sequence makes people frustrated so many of them give up their exercise and diet which results in gaining more weight. has various programs focused to help you get healthy so that you do not only lose weight, you keep it off. Dr. Berg’s courses centers on getting healthy first. This is because a person’s “weight fat” is dependent on your overall health. Dr. Berg wants you to learn how to increase your health so that you can lose weight.

Aside from courses on health, also sells nutritional products like wheatgrass supplements, electrolyte powder, vitamins and other nutritional products. These products are made to complement Dr. Berg’s courses to help subscribers regain their health. The supplements are organic and natural and are made to help users burn more fat and fix metabolism. This is the secret of Dr. Berg’s success in helping people get healthy and lose weight. Burning more fat and fixing metabolism by learning more about your health can help you target stubborn fatty areas of the body so that your focus is getting healthy and not losing weight.

Dr. Berg specializes in health education specializing in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods. His practice is located in Alexandria Virginia and his patients include residents from Washington DC, Maryland and other areas. Dr. Berg has helped countless people regain their health, lose weight and keep it off. Learn more about his wonderful method by visiting







Get Healthy & Lose Weight. Slim Down With The Expert!



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