Benefits of Posting Regularly on Social Media

It seems that almost everyone on the planet has at least 1 social media account. According to studies by DataReportal, there are around 4.74 billion social media users around the world in October 2022 or 59.3% of the world’s population. If you have a business, posting regularly on social media can impact your traffic, leads and sales.

Here are reasons why you should post on social media

Engage with Customers

One of the best reasons to have a social media account for your business is to engage with customers. Social media is basically everybody’s online hangout place. People use it to chat with family and friends, share photos, information and memes or just to read the news.

Having a social media account will give you the opportunity to do the same with customers and even reach potential clients. You can leverage several platforms to advertise your product or service, chat with customers or share relevant information.

Broaden Reach and Brand Awareness

Social media’s reach is worldwide. This means that you can widen your target market and prospects to reach a global audience.

Aside from having access to a more potential customers, you can also use social media to raise brand awareness. When more people get to know your brand through social media, you become more recognizable which in turn can increase your credibility.

Encourage Shares and Recommendations

Social validation is a powerful marketing tool. When people see that other people recommend your product, they will most likely do the same. This means that regularly posting on social media encourages shares of your content, products and services.

Promote User-Generated Content

Personal recommendations is one of the best ways to market your product and social media is the perfect platform for user-generated content. When a customer posts positively about your product in the form of reviews and recommendations, you immediately get free marketing and publicity.

Sharing user-generated content will not only help boost credibility but also your authority as a brand.

Makes Customer Journey Smooth and Simple

The end all of regular posting is to gain trust of your customers. However, the ultimate goal is to gain traffic for your website and subscribers to your mailing list to get new customers.

Social media platforms will make it easy not only to buy from you but also for people to sign up to your mailing list. Your social media feed can allow people to buy directly from your website or provide clear calls-to-action to subscribe to your mailing list. All of this is possible through regular posting.

Final Thoughts

Posting on social media can be a tedious process especially when you’re also busy running a business. Fortunately, apps like OneUp can help you schedule and publish your social media posts to boost growth and traffic.

It’s very easy to use. You can select some or all of your social media accounts and then create your post. You can choose to post it once, or have it automatically recycled at the interval and frequency you choose. Alternatively, you can also opt to post it now or schedule for the future.

Having access to can make it easier for you to manage multiple social media accounts and keep your content organized. Other tools like their analytics can give you in-depth analytics and automatically generate weekly or monthly reports for all your social media accounts so you can keep track of what’s working for you.

Best of all, it works with poplar platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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