Improve Sleep With A Better Mattress

It seems that there is never enough time in a day. Most adults have to deal with a full time job, families and responsibilities that take up majority of our time. At night, social media and videos usually keep us awake all night. But that’s not all the problem. Many of us sleep on mattresses that are lumpy, too soft or hard or hot. This leads to less sleep and a cranky you in the morning.

The best solution to this kind of problem is to control gadget use at night and to switch to a better mattress. Thankfully, companies like Haven Mattress are committed to better sleep. Their mattresses are specially designed to give you a restful night. For example, their 8-inch Recharge Mattress is the Goldilocks of mattresses as it is the perfect balance of support and comfort. It is not too soft or too hard and best of all, it supports proper spine alignment.

Haven Mattress mattresses are made from a bamboo woven soft top, making it breathable and hypoallergenic. The second layer is an open cell Bio-visco, a type of soft sink foam with cool gel to reduce pressure and motion transfer for deeper rest. The final layer is 6 inches of high density firm supporting lower foam to give you the support you need.

The open-cell bio-foam with cooling gel particles will help you sleep longer. It cools you down and while providing breathability and air flow for perfect temperature control while you sleep. Best of all, Haven Mattress mattresses are made from plant-based foam which helps you lower your carbon footprint since there is no danger of off-gassing from chemical made foam.

Their website is the one-stop shop for better sleep. They also sell beddings, frames and weighted blankets. If you have anxiety and want to reduce stress, their weighted blanket is 3 to 5 times heavier than a regular duvet which helps you sleep deeper. The Hush Iced weighted blanket is perfect for sleepers who want to stay cool at night.

The road to a perfect and restful night is just a mattress away. Changing to a better mattress means deeper and longer sleep so that you are refreshed when you wake up. We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. Make sure that your mattress can give you the best sleep every night.

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