How To Clean Your Car Like A Pro

carKeeping your car clean is important. Not only will it enhance the looks of your car, it also draws attention to you, the driver as being meticulous and neat. Many people like to have their cars cleaned professionally. However this can be very expensive especially during rainy or winter season when mud and dirt is plentiful. Washing your car at home can save you lots of money and there are ways of making it seem like it was done by a professional.

•    Use A Mild Commercial Car Wash Detergent

Always use car products for cars. Don’t use a dishwashing liquid, laundry soap or kitchen detergent. There are many automotive shops and department stores that sell mild commercial carwash detergent. Carwash soap has ingredients specifically designed to take care of the body and paint. Dishwashing soap, laundry soap and kitchen detergent could have ingredients that can make your paint dull or tarnish the body.

•    Handwashing is the Best

The pros recommend to handwashing. It helps you to familiarize with the tactile shape  of your car and also give you time to inspect the body for dings, scratches and other damage. Handwashing your car will also help save money instead of just hosing it down.

•    Use Wax To Protect The Paint

A great looking paint will keep your car looking like new for years. To do this, always apply a layer of wax on your car. The wax protects your car from dust, dirt and the elements while preserving the paint underneath. Professionals also suggest applying 2 layers of wax. The second one is to cover areas that might have been missed by the first application.

•    Clean Tires With Non-Acid Solution

There are pros that use a mix that contain acid solutions to clean tires and help strip residue. But there are also other professionals who believe that acid solutions contain alloy wheels to oxidize and pit. The best way to clean tires is to use a non-acid based solution to preserve tires and the alloy.

•    Use A Chamois To Dry Car

Abrasive towels and rags made from synthetic materials can leave scratches on the paint and a slow drying process can leave watermarks. For drying a chamois or soft terry cloth is best. For cars to be spot free, drying fast is important. Instead of dragging the chamois all over the car, blot sections of the car instead.

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