Exciting Advantages Of A Friction Drive Engine For Your Bike

motorized bikeFriction drive bike kits are some of the easiest engines to install on your bike. Unlike “dry clutch” engines which mount on the center of your bike, friction drive or FD engines are mounted on top of your rear tire. The engine starts after you give the pull-start rope a firm tug.

FDs have been round for over 100 years. They were the first engines to be mounted on bikes since small gasoline engines  about the size of a small chainsaw were first invented. If you’re thinking about adding a motor to you standard bike, you can’t go wrong with a friction drive engine. Here are some advantages of FD engines.

* Easy To Install

Buying a friction drive kit from reliable sellers is very easy to do as there are lots of them on the internet. One of the best reasons to buy a FD kit is the easy installation. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand the diagrams and there are less parts and bolts to work with compared to two-stroke or four-stroke single mounted engines.

In most cases, all you need to do is to mount the engine and gas tank using some bolts and screws by following instructions and diagrams and you’ll be done in no time. Take the 26 Inch Pantera 49cc 5G 4-Stroke Friction Drive Beach Cruiser from Bike Berry for example, you just follow instructions to mount the engine on your rear tire and youre ready to go.

* Save Gas

Another reason to buy an FD kit is the savings on gasoline. According to studies, a typical FD kit can go 100 miles to a single gallon. The FD bikes can go over 15 mph. While it won’t win you any races, it will help you get to your destination. This type of engine is ideal for college students who need to get around campus or those who are on a tight budget.

* Tired of Pedaling

FD engines are great if you get tired of pedaling. This is especially true on a hot day or if you have to go somewhere far. While it is quite enjoyable to pedal your bike, there are days when you just can’t do it. Aside from the above examples, imagine pedaling when you’re already tired from a full day at work!

* Easy Maintenance

Most FD engines require minimal maintenance. For the most part you only need to check and or top up the oil of your FD engine after 10 hours of biking. Dont forget to check if the gas needs topping up too.

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