4 Important Reasons Why Supplements Are Necessary

surthrivalMost people think that we get all the minerals and vitamins we get from the food we eat. They think that supplements are not important because they are already present in the quantities we need in our daily diet. But this is not true. In today’s modern world many factors contribute to the quality of our food and sadly over pollution have impacted our food supply negatively. Even if a person does not have health issues it is important to take supplements. Here are some good reasons why.

Depleted Soil

Even if you consume organic vegetables and fruits these food could come from soil that have insufficient mineral content. This happens when food is grown on the soil over and over again. Aside from this some farmers use commercial fertilizers and pesticides during planting. These harsh chemicals deplete soil over time and cause it to produce inferior crops.

Long Transit Time

In the olden days people planted the food they needed in their gardens. Today, food comes from faraway countries and it takes a lot of time to transport the food from the farm to the table. A mango or pineapple for example could come from faraway places like the Philippines. Many of us think that it was delivered to the grocery store just last night. This is a misconception because the fruit could have been picked weeks ago and is not as fresh as we usually think. When food is not fresh it experiences a certain loss when it comes to its stored vitamins and minerals.

Overcooking Food

Fresh is always best. This is why fruits always taste better when they are eaten right after they are picked. However people have a tendency to overcook their food even the vegetables. Overcooking results in the “death” of precious vitamins and minerals. This is why it is important to eat raw vegetables and fruits whenever you can.


Stress leads to a compromised immune system which is why we easily get sick when we experience stress for long periods of time. Many people have multiple commitments that we try to honor at the same time. Family, work, friends, school and faith are just some of the responsibilities that fight each other for a piece of our time. All of this can take a toll on our body which leads to stress which in turn leads to a compromised immune system.

In today’s modern and busy life it is easy to overlook something easy and simple as eating a balanced diet. Taking supplements can go a long way when it comes to helping you maintain a healthy body. If you are the type of person who is constantly stressed or forget to eat on time, taking supplements can help you get essential vitamins and minerals to help the body function properly.


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