4 Best Reasons To Use Organic Cosmetics

Many women would not dare to go bare faced in public, because to them going out without make-up is like walking around naked. Choosing to wear make-up can help boost self-confidence and appearance. Since make-up is essential, choosing the right kind is very important. However, wearing make-up long term exposes us to a wide range of problems. Research has revealed that some ingredients in make-up are linked to Alzheimer’s Disease and even cancer. Luckily, there is an alternative to chemically-produced make-up so that you can look good without fear for your health.

Here are reasons why organic cosmetics are better than chemical make-up.

• Eco-friendly

Traditionally make-up ingredients were composed of petroleum, lead and aluminum which all needed to be mined. Much of this mining is done in sensitive areas like the Amazon rainforest where acres of land are cleared of trees and wildlife. Aluminum for instance is one of the reasons why swathes of rainforests are bare in South America.

But organic make-up is different. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques for example, use ingredients from certified organic and natural sources not only for your personal wellbeing but also to protect the environment.

• No Harsh Chemicals

Traditional make-up use chemicals to improve appearance. However, these chemicals can cause allergies and irritation to the skin because they are too harsh. Make-up sold at Laurenbrookecosmetiques.com is different because they are made from only the finest and natural ingredients so it is kinder and healthier to your skin.

Man-made scents in traditional make-up are also toxic and researchers have linked them to nervous system disorders and birth defects. Therefore it’s best to buy organic make-up with natural scents not only to avoid harmful artificial fragrance but also to enjoy natural nutrients.

• Nutrient Rich

Speaking of nutrients, organic make-up is more nutrient-dense compared to chemical make-up. For example, Acai & Pomegranate Anti-Aging Masque from Laurenbrookecosmetiques.com contains a powerful blend of plant-derived collagen, stem cell and peptide complex, caffeine and CoQ10 designed to nourish and support skin health to achieve a more youthful glow and appearance.

• Protects from Premature Aging

Many organic make-ups have antioxidants like Vitamins C and E that helps to protect the skin from premature aging. Vitamins C and E fight gets rid of free radicals on the cellular level which eliminates fine lines and wrinkles because skin is more firm and plump.

True beauty comes from within but cosmetics can help enhance what’s on the outside. When it comes to stuff that you put in your body, it is always better to go with organic products including make-up. Aside from consuming organic, natural and less-processed food, getting enough sleep and rest and avoiding stress while using organic make-up can help transform your body for the better.

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